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The 1st Wave - Learn to Surf Guide is full of basic surfing skills and helpful tips for total beginners. You will love the easy 3 stage process that will get you catching waves, paddling and standing up in your first surf. This book is written on the structure of a beginners surf lesson, so follow the 3 steps and have a great surf.

The Learn To Surf Guide also offers tips and advice on progressive surfing which includes trimming and turning the surfboard, paddling through the break zone and catching green waves, this awesome surfing guide will get you so keen you'll race off and buy a surfboard straight away.

You can read the 1st Wave - Learn To Surf Guide for FREE. The Guide will open as a 'PDF'.

Please click on chapter link below to view.

LEARN TO SURF GUIDE - Chapter 1 (Getting Started)

  1. What Surfboard Suits You?
  2. Buying a Secondhand Surfboard.
  3. Surfing Accessories and Equipment.
  4. Before You Enter The Surf - Rips & Currents.
  5. Your Surfboard - Parts of the surfboard.

LEARN TO SURF GUIDE - Chapter 2 (Basic Beginner Stages)

  1. Stage 1 - Body Positioning, Entering The Surf, Wave Selection, Catching Waves 
  2. Stage 2 - Paddling
  3. Stage 3 - Surfing Stance & Style, Jump up Method, Step Up Method, Falling Off

LEARN TO SURF GUIDE - Chapter 3 (Progressive Skills)

  1. Progressive Skill 1 - Trimming the Surfboard
  2. Progressive Skill 2 - Changing the Angle
  3. Progressive Skill 3 - Paddling Through the Break Zone
  4. Progressive Skill 4 - Introduction to Catching Green Waves

LEARN TO SURF GUIDE - Chapter 4 (The Next Stage)

  1. Challenge No 1 - Increase the Effort
  2. Challenge No 2 - Reaction Time (Identify, React, Move)
  3. Challenge No 3 - Build the Intensity
  4. Challenge No 4 - Surfing with Committment and Confidence
  5. The Green Wave Progression

LEARN TO SURF GUIDE - Chapter 6  (Surf Lingo)

  1. Gold Coast Surf Map
  2. Gold Coast Surfing Beaches
  3. Surfing Lingo - Talk the Talk

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 A new printed version of the 1st Wave - Learn To Surf Guide is now in production. 56 pages of easy to follow surfings tips, advice and techniques for beginner and intermediate surfers. Distribution through Brisbane and Gold Coast will commence soon.